Construction is a business that demands cooperation and teamwork from the point of inception through completion.

Project Comprehension

The Alliance Group Commercial Construction Inc. first teams with the client to fully understand the specific needs of the project. Items such as Design criteria, Budget, and Timeline.

Interface with governing agencies

To map a plan for project approval. Determine the conditions of approval for the project.

Review of the project site

To determine existing assets and liabilities. What exists which will contribute to the completion of the project with little or no additional cost. What may be the needed requirements for a specific project site.

Project Team Recommendation

We enjoy the benefit of long-term relationships with a distinctive network of industry professionals such as Architects, Lenders, Engineers, Designers, Real Estate Agents, Land Insurance Brokers. Based on a clear understanding of the owner’s project desires, we are able make introduction to such professionals having particular expertise consistent with the project requirements


At milestones in the course of the pre-construction process, detailed preliminary cost estimates based on historical data will be provided and updated. Initial construction costs, as well as long term operating costs are taken into consideration. Green building products often have a slightly higher initial cost but deliver long-term savings. Such options are discussed in conjunction with the design and budgeting process.

Value Engineering / Scope Reduction

Should there be a variance between initial designs and client’s budget, alternate materials, construction methods and potential phasing will be suggested to bring the design and budget in sync.


A schedule is prepared for the preconstruction phase indicating the timelines of each operation. In addition, a preliminary schedule is created for the construction phase. Such scheduling, assists in the calculations of project completion as well as construction loan carrying costs.


Upon completion of the client approved working drawings, the project will be offered to competitive subcontractor bid. Each bid is categorized using the same (CSI) cost codes as in the preliminary budgets.

Owner/Contractor Agreement

Upon detailed review of the subcontractor’s bids, agreement of the overall scope of work and final budget with the client, a standard Owner/Contractor Agreement will be prepared.

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